Monday, 22 April 2019

How to make Pokemon Happy Easter Cards - Tutorial

Hi Crafters!

Today i'm sharing a tutorial how i made these 2 Pokemon cards. They are very simple and quick to make and you don't need a lot of gear - anyone can have a go!

These cards I've made for Easter, but you can replace the sentiment with whatever you like. You can use different type of Pokemon too, your choice :) Check out the video tutorial below


What you will need:
Black Cardstock measuring 5x7 inch
White Cardstock measuring 4.5 x 6 3/4 inch
Red Cardstock measuring 4 6/16 x 5 6/16 inch
White Cardstock measuring 4 1/8 x 5 3/16 inch

I have printed Bunny Pokemon on glossy photo paper.

Black permanent ink pad or brush pen (i've used Faber Castell Big Brush pen, but you can use a Sharpie, works quite well)

Something for the sentiment - i've used my diecutting machine to cut out Pokemon font letters (found them in google!), you can use stamps, letter stickers or hand-write your sentiment

For the Pokeball i've used coloured cardstock and layered the pieces, then topped it with clear epoxy sticker in 1 inch diameter. You can check out my previous Pokemon Birthday Cards tutorial here or follow the process how i made the next card and use that for a smaller scale pokeball.

Washi tape for layering to give bunny something to stand on.

Green ink - i've used Peeled Paint Distress ink by Ranger - you can use other inks or just layer a piece of green paper.


For something different, i cut out circle shape card.

Card base is made up of 2 papers - black cardstock and white. White is the inner layer to give the card base sturdiness and make it easier to write your message on. To get rid of uneven edges when you glue 2 pieces together, i've used a black marker and coloured the edge. I've also gone around edges of all other elements - this gives it a more finished look. 

Card base measurement is 5 5/16 inch diameter (folded in half at the "hinge" )
Make the left side a bit wider where the fold of the card is. I have made the fold 1 inch long. The best way is to grab a piece of black cardstock, fold in half, trace your circle and cut out leaving 1 inch of fold uncut so you can open the card.

If you accidentally cut straight through and end up with 2 black circles, make a hinge with another piece of black paper and glue it on the inside where you will cover circles with white paper for the inner layer of the card.

Remember to use a permanent pen or ink on your Pokemon if you are printing them on glossy or photo paper.

The pokeball consists of black outline (our base card), a red piece and white piece - it is easier to cut out circles then cut in half and use 2 halves on the card (and use the leftovers on your 2nd card :) )

Red and white papers measure 5 1/16 inch diameter.

For the inner piece you need black circle measuring 1 5/16 inch diameter
And white circle measuring 1 inch.

I have also used a 1 inch epoxy sticker on top of the inner piece for dimension but it is not necessary.

Hope you enjoyed! let me know if you have any questions.

~ Julia

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