Sunday, 10 March 2019

Scrapbook Layout #37 : "Miss Lucy" ~ 8.5x11 Layout Process Video using Gelatos

Hi Crafters!

I'm back after a bit of a break (ok, a very long break, but i'm back never the less!) with another Scrapbook Layout and a Process video to go along with it.

I have finally tidied up my craft room after the aftermath of DIYing Wedding Decorations for my Wedding last year (hence the break) - it was so overwhelming and uninspiring. I bit the bullet, got into it and over a couple of weekends destashed, tidied up and reorganised. 

During all of this i have discovered so many kits, collections and scrapbooking supplies that i've long forgotten about - this collection being one of them i have been hoarding for years - Papermania by Docrafts. This is from the times long ago before the washi, before epoxy stickers and puffy embellishments - this collection was before it's time haha. 

I couldn't just make do with papers and embellishments from the old kit, i had to pair it with something a bit more modern - Gelatos by Faber Castell. Gelatos are water soluble crayons - very colourful and pretty and so easy to use. In the process video at the end of this post, I show you one of the ways how to use Gelatos (or you can use any other water soluble crayons or pencils for this purpose)

Adding some simple and basic stitching on the page creates another layer of dimension and texture and make your layers more interesting.

If you are running low on embellishments or need something extra to add to the page but don't have anything suitable in the sticker or embellishment pack, you always have an option to fussy cut some images from the pattern paper and make your own embellishments.

Adding some stamping with a simple stamp in matching ink ads more depth to your background. In this case i have used a starburst type image stamp and Prima Chalk ink. The image doesn't stand out a lot but it ads a little extra something to the overall look. All those little touches make your page look a bit more interesting.

When using multiple embellishments - try to cluster them in a few spots while leaving empty/ white space in other areas to give the viewer some "breathing room". The best way to make your layer clusters look like they belong together is overlap and touch the edges of embellishments and if you can have them at different heights off the page - this creates dimension and shadows

Certain embellishments and letter stickers don't have very strong glue - add strong double sided tape or wet glue to stick them to the page and make sure they won't fall off in your album, especially embellishments that have glitter finish on them.

Enjoy my start to finish Process Video on how i have put this layout together. If you enjoy my videos, subscribe to my channel to see more!


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