Sunday, 24 March 2019

How to Use Acetate Frames | Tutorial | "Cousins' Secrets" Scrapbook Layout #39

Hi Crafters!

Today i'm sharing a layout i've created using the same old (literally old hehe) scrapbook collection "Bloom" by Docrafts as i have in the past 2 tutorials and this time pairing it with some Acetate Frames i had laying around

First i have started the page off by pulling out a cut file and backing it with tissue paper - tissue paper can be tricky to handle. Wet glue is the best option for the areas that are going to be covered, or double sided tape but be very careful as it is very fragile.

Then i've built my layers from there. These 2 acetate frames were laying around on my desk waiting for the day the right page would come along - that day is today! I like layering acetate frame or embellishments behind my photo layers and over white or light colour cardstock - it brings out the colour and makes it more vibrant. Also a grate way to showcase this unique embellishment type is to strategically layer different pieces over each other, overlapping some areas - it can create a different colour on the overlapped parts, adding to the interest on the page.

When you are trying to glue acetate, try to use wet glue or double sided tape behind areas that are going to be covered, otherwise you will see glue through the clear acetate. Some acetate embellishments have a pattern over parts of it - it is a good opportunity to put your glue under those parts as they won't show glue through as much if at all.

Another option is staples! - extra texture as well as a useful attachment way.

I had to Frankenstein an E in Secrets as this letter sticker pack didn't have a lot of multiples of the same letters - they never include enough of what you need, right?

Hope you enjoyed having a look at my work, here is a video showing you a step by step process:

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