Friday, 7 April 2017

Vintage Journal - Art Journal Page 1

Hi Crafters!

Today I am sharing a spread in my art journal with some step by step photos.
First i have taken an old book (vintage book) with a hard cover for stability and covered the pages i wanted to work on with Gesso. i didn't make a thick layer of Gesso, just to give me some white background to work on with a bit of book paper coming through for interest. I really liked an image of a donkey on the left page so i made sure i didn't cover it with paint and later it will become one of my main elements on the page.

I have made sure i left some empty pages before and after this spread so that i can then glue some pages together and make them thicker and straighten out my painted pages after they buckle a bit from paint. It is just book paper after all (although these papers are quite sturdy).

I have covered the pages with some blue and aqua paint and put some white paint through a circle stencil in a few spots.

I've added some stamping with Archival Ink (so that it doesn't react with water or liquid mediums) - i've used a couple of flourish and grassy stamps to create a bit of foliage on the page.

I've added some Mister Hueys copper sparkly mist that i have received in a very old Studio Calico kit and made some splatters around the page. I've used a nozzle from the mist bottle and drawn the frame around the spread with it - it gives it a different look than when you use a paint brush.

Time to add embellishments - these came from a variety of old kits - i've used a frame to put around the donkey to draw attention to the image, a doily and some other bits an pieces i literally just had lying around on my desk and i didn't know where to put them away to :D.

And this is it - it didn't take much time at all. The only thing that took considerable amount of time is the copper mist to dry - it took about 2 days to dry completely and not be sticky anymore. I find this happens to thicker and dimentional paints/ mists - they seem to take forever to dry through completely and remain sticky until then.

Hope you enjoyed and i have another art journal project coming up very soon!

~ Julia

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